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Since 2000, Dan Melinger has helped companies Grow with Exceptional User experiences that achieve business objectives.
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Our Services

How Real-time Lab creates value

Rapid MVP

Get in front of customers quickly so you can learn and improve. Hire us for accelerated development of a minimum viable product or feature – and learn to build faster + smarter.

Team Level-Up

Could your product development process use an upgrade? Hire us to assess how your team functions today, and we'll also help you increase value from the team you have.

Digital Strategy

The first step to creating great products is sound strategy. We ensure what you build aligns with a shared vision, and objectives internalized by your team – so you can build with purpose.

X Audit

Experience is paramount. Our interface and flow analysis is based on 2 decades building everything from intuitive commerce apps to media installations to multi-sided marketplaces with complex workflows and many  opportunities to optimize conversion funnels.

Why Build with us

Experience, Passion, and Integration

We live in Realtime

We believe the only good reason to create new technology is to improve lives. Dan and his proven network of designers, product managers, and engineers adapt products to how humans experience the world – in realtime.

In Your Market

We work with your team to ensure we learn and grow together. We're market and industry agnostic, and our expertise spans a broad range: B2B marketplaces, casual mobile games, ecommerce apps and websites, retail systems, social media platforms, fundraising tools, augmented reality, education apps, and more.

Our Work

Products Taken from zero to mvp and beyond

A new category for the fantasy sports market

Dan was hired by FanDuel to help the company engage sports fans watching NBA and NFL games live. In the process, we invented a new gaming category: real-time casual fantasy sports. Initially designed for all-ages in-stadium play, we later saw tremendous opportunity if we could bring the game to at-home viewers. The result was NBA InPlay (download from the app store to play), proven to keep fans having fun and watching more of the game – even weak matchups and blowouts!

Daily fantasy – now with friends!

Ask any season-long NFL fantasy player why they play and, more likely than not, they'll say it's to hang out with friends. FanDuel players found the company's daily format more exciting than season-long, but most games were against online strangers. Dan introduced a way to play the fun and lucrative daily format against friends. FanDuel Friends Mode brings many thousands of new players to FanDuel, and keeps the fun going all season.

Fulfilling K-12 needs at scale

Schools teach students how to be successful citizens, not to solicit donations. Unfortunately, students need more money than schools have – especially for extracurriculars like sports and robotics clubs – but selling cookies is not the best way to get it. Edco's crowdfunding platform empowers students and teachers to raise money efficiently, while learning valuable skills and building lasting connections with their communities.